Anti Money Laundering Guidance

Anti-Money Laundering ('AML') Guidance

Please note. This guidance is interim guidance only. 

CILEx is a Supervisory Authority for the purposes of the Money Laundering Regulations 2007. This means we must monitor effectively the persons we are responsible (through CILEx Regulation) and take necessary measures to ensure their compliance with the requirements of the 2007 Regulations. 

This means we can issue guidance to assist our members in complying with the legislation and professional requirements. 

The current CILEx AML Guidance has not received HM Treasury approval due to the time frame until the new Money Laundering Regulations come into force and the transposition of the Fourth Money Laundering Directive. For these reasons too, this guidance is subject to further change. 

AML Guidance. Title page, definitions and abbreviations

AML Guidance. Contents

AML Guidance. Chapter 1. Introduction

AML Guidance. Chapter 2. The risk-based approach

AML Guidance. Chapter 3. Systems, policies and procedures

AML Guidance. Chapter 4. Customer due diligence

AML Guidance. Chapter 5. Money laundering offences

AML Guidance. Chapter 6. Legal Professional Privilege

AML Guidance. Chapter 7. Terrorist property offences

AML Guidance. Chapter 8. Making a SAR

AML Guidance. Chapter 9. Training

AML Guidance. Chapter 10. Enforcement

AML Guidance. Annex 1. Money laundering directives. A summary

AML Guidance. Annex 2. Practical examples of interests and powers of control

AML Guidance. Annex 3. Table of entity or arrangement types