Institutional Exemptions

Institutional Exemptions

Applying for Institutional Exemptions

If you are an awarding organisation or institution you can apply for exemptions for your qualification(s) or for modules within them. Institutional exemptions enable learners who complete the qualification to gain exemption for the relevant CILEX units or qualification. For further information see our Institutional Exemption Learner Application Process.

Institutions which have been granted institutional exemptions for CILEX units/qualifications appear in the Institutional Exemption Table.

Applications for institutional exemptions need to meet the following CILEX criteria:

1) Each of the modules/units for which exemption is sought includes substantial coverage of the law applicable in England and Wales.

2) The content/syllabus of each of the modules/units for which exemption is sought covers at least 75% of the relevant CILEX unit content.

3) The level of the qualification or relevant module of the qualification is the same as or higher than that of the CILEX unit(s) or qualification for which exemption is sought.

4) The qualification assessment methods are valid and reliable.

Please Note: No exemptions are awarded for work experience.

Guidance for Institutions applying for Exemptions

Before making an application please read carefully through the following guidance:

1) Institutions must submit a detailed mapping of their syllabus/course specification to the unit(s)/qualification for which they are seeking exemption and details of the assessment methods and quality assurance arrangements. Access the CILEX unit specifications here.

2) The quality assurance processes underpinning the assessment of the qualification must be robust and valid. If the institution is not recognised by a regulatory authority of professional body to provide learning and or award qualifications, the qualification assessment process must show evidence of a) appropriate coverage of the syllabus b) setting and marking by appropriately qualified staff c) externality in the marking process.

Application Process for Institutional Exemptions

If you are interested in applying for an institutional exemption you should contact CILEX in the first instance and then complete the Institutional Exemption Form.

CILEX will confirm its decision within 20 working days of receiving your application.

Please note: these timescales are subject to receiving complete applications and may change according to the complexity of applications and the volume received at peak application times.

Institutional Exemption Fees

For Centres applying for institutional exemptions the following fees are applicable:

  • Initial Institutional Exemptions review – £2,500.00
  • Annual review – £1,000.00

Once an institutional exemption is approved learners will be charged the listed exemption fee.

For further information please complete our enquiry form.