Working with CILEX

Working with CILEX

At CILEX we are different and we pride ourselves on adopting a tailored approach. We do not offer a one size fits all. After all, your legal practice is unique as are the individuals in your team.

We work with employers on their specific business goals and enable them to tailor the support they receive from us. The same is true for our individual members, with our accredited and high quality training allowing them to choose the right elements for them and their career aspirations. This results in qualified legal professionals including paralegals, lawyers and legal practitioners who have not had to undergo any unnecessary study and waste time and money.

It makes business sense to work with CILEX and there are two ways that you, as an employer, can work with us:

1. Employ CILEX Legal Professionals
2. Support CILEX Membership and Professional Development for
    your Employees

Employ CILEX Legal Professionals

We know that you need qualified, competent and motivated staff in your legal practice who are going to make a real difference. You can achieve this by employing CILEX members and the benefits to you as an organisation include:

  • Recruiting professionals who have relevant, specific experience and qualifications suited to your individual business needs
  • A good return on investment across a wide salary range
  • Peace of mind that you employ dedicated, customer focused legal professionals with the highest standards
  • Access to a more diverse range of individuals from a variety of backgrounds that you may not have had access to previously

Support CILEX Professional Membership and Professional Development for your Employees

Many companies actively support CILEX membership for their employees. It provides an employee benefit from which employers also profit.

Employer Benefits

Supporting your staff’s professional development and training to fulfil their ambitions, and ongoing maintenance of their professional standards through membership of a Chartered Professional Body that partners with member throughout their career,  contributes to better employee engagement and enables you to:

  • Increase your staff retention levels and retain talent and knowledge within your business
  • Motivate and nurture your staff and provide relevant reward and recognition
  • Improve your employee benefits as CILEX membership provides a host of career support tools as well as discounted products and services
  • Comply with individual’s CPD progression requirements
  • Uphold your business standards through a professional code of conduct and individual regulation

Employee Benefits

There are great benefits for your employees including:

  • Add designatory letters after their name to show their status within the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives from Associate Member grade
  • Being both regulated and supported throughout their professional development
  • Having access to a wealth of resources from networking and industry news through to help and support with their CPD
  • Discounted books at Oxford University Press, discounted goods and services through the Wider Wallet scheme and TOTUM discount card

You can read about all the CILEX membership benefits in support of your team’s professionalism here.

Different membership grades and fees are applicable depending on an individual’s professional development, whether they are paralegals, lawyers or CILEX practitioners. You can read more about individual membership levels or you can get in touch with our experienced team of qualified advisors who are ready to help you enrol your employees.