CILEX Endorsements and Customised Services

Endorsed by CILEX – The benchmark of excellence for employee training & development

In a dynamic and highly competitive legal industry, fit for purpose and engaging staff development programmes are recognised ways for employers to attract, retain and diversify talented individuals.

Our Endorsed by CILEX programme authenticates employee development programmes in the legal industry by giving them a quality mark from a recognised professional association and leading awarding organisation in the legal sector. Help to reward hard-working and ambitious staff by offering them an Endorsed by CILEX course, created by you or with the support of our assessment experts to empower the people who will drive your business forwards and help shape its future.

Endorsed by CILEX: The Benefits

  • Endorsed by CILEX allows you to realise extra value from your existing training programmes by providing evidence of the high standards of teaching, resources and support. As CILEX professionals check all applications carefully before applying our trusted brand to your programme, your staff can be sure of a benchmark of excellence on every course we endorse.

  • Our sign of training excellence helps to evidence your commitment to invest in high quality training and people development, helping to boost morale and reduce staff turnover. 

  • Endorsed by CILEX helps ensure you have a strategic focus for all your training and development programmes – enhancing the potential of your business and allow you to move proactively in the marketplace.

  • We help to ensure your courses allow employees to acquire and retain the relevant knowledge, skills and competence needed to help your business to thrive.

  • Once your training programme is endorsed by us, your organisation will appear on our website to prove that you have met CILEX’s high standards by:
    • Being able to use the CILEX logo on your publicity material and website. 
    • Providing your staff with CILEX certificates on successful completion of their programme bearing the prestigious CILEX logo. 

Endorsed by CILEX: Style It Your Way

We can work with you in two ways to help build an exciting, relevant and fit-for-purpose Endorsed by CILEX professional development programmes – either working with you to endorse existing programmes or to use our Endorsed by CILEX Customised Service.

1. Endorsing existing employee training & development programmes

Our Endorsed by CILEX scheme is ideal for employers who value their people and those seeking a point of difference over their competitors. We know from our existing endorsement employer partners that firms invest heavily into bespoke training programmes but are often looking for a sign of excellence to attach to their own programmes – something that employees value and can strive towards. Endorsed by CILEX offers you the benchmark of excellence in the legal sector.

We work closely with training providers and employers to ensure their courses meet the training and assessment excellence criteria of CILEX – an established industry leader in professional qualifications, assessment, course structuring and recognised globally by professionals and clients.

2. Endorsed by CILEX Customised Service: Let us shape and create your training courses for you  

We understand that legal practices don’t always have the resources to create standardised or bespoke assessment schemes but we do.

The CILEX team of highly experienced team of assessors and training professionals create our own CILEX programmes and understand the needs of today’s marketplace. If you have a specific training requirement or people development strategy and need support in creating or refining your assessment programme, speak to us today. Not only will your programme be Endorsed by CILEX, it will be relevant to your business today and tomorrow, with the ability to refine and adapt your programme year-on-year.

A bespoke training and assessment programme not only supports your long-term business needs, it can help to bring out the best in your staff and evidences your commitment to invest in your people.

CILEX Endorsement is suitable for all types of professional development from training courses and workshops, to staff training and employer inductions.

Where you have specific requirements which fall outside of endorsement and are not catered for by CILEX’s mainstream products and services, these may be best served by our Customised Service. 

This provides for additional services such as CILEX specialist support to develop training and assessment, corporate membership packages, mapping of job roles to membership grades and routes to progression, development of CPD opportunities and access to CILEX resources, such as the MyCareer toolkit.  For more information on this service and to request an initial review of your requirements please complete the web form below. 

Whichever route works for you, CILEX will guide you to the best possible Endorsed by CILEX scheme and help you to monitor its success, value and relevance year-on-year, allowing you to focus on finding the best possible individuals to help your business and your reputation thrive.

Who can be Endorsed by CILEX?

  • Any legal entity
  • Any business with a legal department or in-house Counsel / other legal professional
  • Training providers

How do I get started?

Simply complete our enquiry form with your details, choose the “working with CILEX” option and a member of our specialist team will get in touch with you. 

Please click here to submit your enquiry.