CILEX Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CILEX develops and delivers a range of CPD products for both members and non-members. Elevate your legal expertise, broaden your skills and ensure professional competence with our meticulously crafted offerings. Your journey to continuous improvement starts here. 

What can CILEX CPD offer?

Dive into the world of legal practice with our ‘So, you think you know about’ (SYTYKA) CPD series. The modules will help you stay current in the evolving world of legal practice, update you on emerging areas and ensure you revisit key areas of law. With the integration of case studies, we highlight the connection between theory and real-world application.

Explore the varied offering of CILEX CPD, designed to cater your diverse needs.

  • Fulfil your annual CPD requirements and enhance your ongoing competence in specialist legal areas.
  • Propel your career forward by developing your professional skills further within your chosen area of law.

CILEX CPD materials are created, and quality assured by experienced legal and educational practitioners, ensuring a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Recording your CPD

As part of the process, you’re required to record your CPD via myCILEX portal, where you can also learn your CPD obligations, which includes:

  • Recording your CPD effortlessly
  • A comprehensive CPD guide
  • Evaluation documents for your progress
  • Insights into non-compliance

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Modules

As a CILEX member, or someone working within the legal sector, it’s essential you understand your professional and regulatory responsibility. We offer two purpose-built CPD courses tailored to enhance your understanding and compliance.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility – an introduction

This module introduces you to the regulatory structure, your CILEX Code of Conduct and essential responsibilities around compliance including money-laundering, data protection and client due diligence.

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Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Context

This consists of three modules on Ethical Conduct, Regulation, and Professional Practice, exploring the interplay between ethical regulation, professional regulation and legal regulation.

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Legal Finance

We’ve partnered with the ILFM to bring you learning modules focused on dealing with financial considerations within the law firm.

  • Technology in Legal Finance
  • Financial Compliance in Law Firms
  • Residual Balances
  • Billing in Legal Practice
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So, you think you know about…series (SYTYKA)

Our ‘So you think you know about series’ cover a range of different topics. Designed for your convenience, the topics are broken down into bite- sized modules so they seamlessly integrate with your busy schedule, making CPD a hassle-free commitment.

So, you think you know about…Conveyancing

This series includes the following modules:

  • Regulatory matters in commercial conveyancing
  • Title plans and property extent
  • Leasehold covenants in commercial leases
  • Taxation in commercial property matters
  • Stamp duty land tax
  • Introduction to planning and buildings regulations
  • Source of wealth – anti-money laundering

Each module takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

Our “hot topic” modules share a key piece of new legislation for those working with high rise flats and building safety, and an important Welsh Consolidating Act covering the historic environment.

  • Building Safety Act 2022
  • Historic Environment (Wales) Act 2023

Each hot topic module takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

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So, you think you know about…Wills and Probate

Update your knowledge with the following modules:

  • Introduction to Contentious Probate
  • Introduction to the Court of Protection
  • Claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • Profitable probate practice
  • Digital assets and intellectual property – what a probate lawyer needs to know
  • Introduction to the administration of estates covering different jurisdictions
  • Inheritance tax exemptions and relief
  • State benefits for working-age people and pensioners
  • Mental capacity

Each module takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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So, you think you know about…Civil Litigation

Boost your understanding in this area, with the following modules:

  • Using ADR in civil litigation
  • Introduction to commercial and trade disputes
  • Use of online portals in civil litigation
  • An introduction to contentious probate
  • Damages in civil litigation
  • Costs in civil litigation
  • Drafting
  • Introduction to AI and its impact on civil litigation

Each module takes approximately 1 hour to complete.

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Expand your horizons with these additional ‘So, you think you know about…’ modules:

  • Insider dealing and market abuse (Commercial and business law)
  • Major terms in commercial contracts (Commercial and business law)
  • Consent and sexual offences (Criminal law)
  • Duress and undue influence (Contract law)Dishonesty and the mens rea of theft (Criminal law)
  • Exemption clauses and unfair terms (Contract law)
  • Mistake (Contract law)
  • Accidents on a highway (Law of Tort)
  • Duty of care (Law of Tort)
  • Trespass to land (Law of Tort)
  • Trespass to person (Law of Tort)

You can browse all of our CPD learning module below.

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