CILEX Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CILEX develops and delivers a range of CPD products for both members and non-members, to broaden your legal knowledge and skills and assure professional competence.

What can CILEX CPD offer?

CILEX offers resources to:

  • Meet your annual CPD requirements and support your ongoing competence in specialist areas of law and practice.
  • Develop your professional skills further and advance your career in the law.

CILEX CPD is created and quality assured by experienced legal and educational practitioners.

Development & Professionalism Packages

Our CPD development package options provide a mixture of legal, professionalism and ethics subjects.

Learn about Development & Professionalism Packages

Conveyancing Packages

Our Conveyancing CPD development packages will bring you up to date with developing areas of conveyancing practice.

Learn about Conveyancing Packages

Wills & Probate Packages

Our Wills & Probate CPD packages will keep you up to date on all areas of later life planning legal practice.

Learn about Wills & Probate Packages

Civil Litigation Packages

Our Civil Litigation CPD packages will keep you up to date on legislation, cases, and procedures of civil dispute resolution.

Learn about Civil Litigation Packages

Family Law Packages

Our Family Law CPD packages will keep you up to date on divorces, cohabitations, and all other areas of family practice.

Learn about Family Law Packages

Business & Commercial Law Modules

Our Business & Commercial Law CPD modules will develop your knowledge of a range of legal subjects for advising commercial clients.

Learn about Business and Commercial Law Modules

Criminal Law Modules

Our Criminal Law CPD modules will help you develop your knowledge of criminal justice cases, legislation and procedures.

Learn about Criminal Law Modules

Contract Law Modules

Our Contract Law CPD modules will help you develop your knowledge of contract drafting, negotiation, and other aspects of contract legal work.

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Law of Tort Modules

Our Law of Tort CPD modules will help you develop your knowledge of tortious cases, legislation and procedures.

Learn about Law of Tort Modules

Ethics and Professional Responsibility Modules

As a CILEX member, or working within the legal sector, it’s essential you understand your professional and regulatory responsibility. We offer two CPD courses to help you with this:

Ethics and Professional Responsibility – an introduction: this module introduces you to the regulatory structure, your CILEX Code of Conduct and essential responsibilities around compliance including money-laundering, data protection and client due diligence.

Ethics and Professional Responsibility in Context: this consists of three modules on Ethical Conduct, Regulation, and Professional Practice, exploring the interplay between ethical regulation, professional regulation and legal regulation.

Recording your CPD

As part of the process, you are required to record your CPD via myCILEX portal. You can learn more about your CPD obligations, which includes:

  • How to record your CPD
  • CPD guide
  • Evaluation documents
  • Non-compliance