New DPP Appointment

ILEX welomes the appointment of new Director of Public Prosecutions

04 August 2008 pr029.08

ILEX has welcomed the appointment of Keir Starmer QC as the next Director of Public Prosecutions.

An eminent human rights lawyer and Head of the Criminal team at Doughy Street Chambers he is also human rights adviser to the Policing Board in Northern Ireland. Mr Starmer is a former winner of the Bar Council Sydney Elland Goldsmith award for his outstanding contribution to Pro Bono work in Africa and the Caribbean.

ILEX President, Mark Bishop said, “I congratulate Keir on his appointment as Director of Public Prosecutions. He will bring with him experience, skill and independence to this important roll, which is at the heart of the criminal justice system. ILEX has been working with the Crown Prosecution Service to admit Associate Prosecutors into membership of the Institute for the first time, also bringing them into the regulatory framework and subject to the ILEX code of conduct. I look forward to working with him in the future.”