Charter handed over

30 January 2012

Justice Minister presents Royal accoladeMr Djanogly and President

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives has been officially presented with its Royal Charter.

Upon receiving the Charter, President, Susan Silver, said: “This is a terrifically exciting time in the history of our Institute. The granting of our Royal Charter has taken years of hard work and determination by our Head Office teams, Council Members and especially our membership.

It is our work out there in all communities, crossing the boundaries of all social backgrounds that has shone through. This is a time to trumpet our success and to be proud that every level of membership from students to Chartered Legal Executive lawyers serves the community with integrity and unmitigated professionalism.

The Charter reflects all of those values. We are so proud to be allied to The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives.”

This day marks the evolution in the history of The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives, which brings with it formal public recognition for high standards in qualification, regulation and representation. Practising members with ‘Fellowship’ status will now be able to call themselves ‘Chartered Legal Executives’, which is a protected title under the Charter.

Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly added his congratulations to The Chartered Institute and its members: “Legal Executives make a valuable contribution to the legal industry and their commitment to providing the British public with legal services should be recognised.

“It is a great achievement and I am pleased to present President Susan Silver with its Royal Charter.”

Members of The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives will continue to be regulated by the respected ILEX Professional Standards (IPS) and the chartered status has the added benefit of:

  • Promoting and maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, efficiency and training.
  • Enhancing and maintaining public confidence in the work of Chartered Legal Executives and the commitment they have to their clients.
  • Promoting in the public interest co-operation and mutual assistance amongst other parts of the legal sector.
  • Readily identifying Chartered Legal Executives and other members to the public ensuring that legal practices are client focused.
  • With the introduction of Alternative Business Structures, the public will be reassured that traditional law firms and new legal businesses will provide quality legal services.
  • Increasing the authority of The Chartered Institute during public debate and review of legal policy.

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