Membership and Third Party Duty

Membership and Third Party Duty (MTD) 

At CILEX we want to protect and maintain the integrity of our membership value, and ensure that we are doing what we can to protect the consumer.  

There will unfortunately be instances where people use CILEX logos, titles, designatory letters and claims of membership inappropriately.  This could be in violation of the Bye-Laws, and the CILEX Code of Conduct.  As a result, we monitor and address the inappropriate use of these benefits.

If you have any concerns about a firm or an individual who is claiming membership of CILEX when they are not a member, using incorrect designatory letters or titles, or using the CILEX logo, you can report this to us. 

How to Report

You can do this by firstly, reviewing the ENDD checklist, this contains the information we need from you. Secondly, send us a general enquiry form with the information you have collated from the checklist and we will conduct a review. Parties will remain anonymous to each other during this process.                    

Please note reports can only be made through the MTD process regarding the following subjects; false claims of membership; CILEX designatory letters, CILEX Logos and inappropriate titles. For other types of reports or complaints please click here.

Useful Links

There are times where the CILEX logos and designatory letters can be legitimately used, and where titles can be appropriate. Here are some useful links relating to this information:

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