Introduction to Level 2

Level 2 Certificate/Diploma for Legal Secretaries

womanThe qualification is aimed at learners who work or want to work as administrators/junior secretaries and who may already possess a basic knowledge and understanding of administration but not necessarily the skills required. It is particularly relevant for those wanting to develop those skills within the legal sector.

The qualification has a more flexible approach and allows learners to choose which route to study. There are two outcomes to this Level 2 qualification:

  • Level 2 Certificate for Legal Secretaries
  • Level 2 Diploma for Legal Secretaries

Each qualification comprises of units and the learner will need to complete:

  • Units 220, 221, 222 and 223 for the Certificate
  • Units 220, 221, 222, 223 and either two units from 224-226 or 201 plus one unit from 202-210 for the Diploma.

The learning outcomes and assessment criteria for each unit can be found on the links below:

To achieve any of the above qualifications, the learner will need to pass an externally set proofreading test as well as a series of assignments.