Fund your CILEX Professional Qualification with Student Loans from Lendwise 

If you require a loan to fund your CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ), Lendwise is one of the options available to you when studying with CILEX Law School. This bespoke solution provides peace of mind with repayment terms that fit your circumstances.

This may include the option to defer repayments, as agreed between you and Lendwise.

How Lendwise loans work 

Lendwise is a peer-to-peer lending system, which matches each applicant to a finance provider, depending on their circumstances and funding requirements. As such, the amount you are able to borrow, the interest rate, and the repayment period will be a unique proposal for you.

Please note that Lendwise student loans are only available to CILEX members (membership is not fundable by Lendwise) and must be applied to the full CPQ (all stages) for students studying with CILEX Law School.

How to apply for a Lendwise student loan 

You must have been accepted as a member of CILEX but not yet purchased any CPQ routes.

Fill in the application form on the Lendwise website to enquire about a loan.

Lendwise will also require a letter of acceptance from CILEX. You can request this by sending us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ page of your myCILEX portal.

Lendwise will then review your application and complete a series of checks.

If you pass the criteria to receive a loan, you will then be sent an approval email as well as a full proposal of the loan agreement. You will be able to review the agreement and ensure you understand the repayment terms before you commit.

Lendwise application process

Flowchart that goes the process of Lendwise in the following order: 1. Purchase CILEX membership, 2. Register for a student loan on and request a letter of acceptance on myCILEX, 3. Once loan agreed, contact us via myCILEX. We will be in touch to enrol you onto CPQ. 

Please note that we do not act as a credit broker to Lendwise and we are not responsible for providing the loan or assessing your eligibility for a loan. Further details of eligibility requirements, interest rates and other key terms of the loan are available by visiting the Lendwise website. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the content on the Lendwise website or liable for anything that happens if you choose to use them. If you do buy a Lendwise loan product, please first read their terms and conditions and privacy policy carefully.

Apply with Lendwise

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use Lendwise if I need a student loan for my course?

No. You are free to seek any finance solution you wish. We do not recommend or endorse Lendwise.

Is Lendwise funding available to employers sponsoring their staff courses?

Lendwise student loans are only available to individual CILEX members completing the CPQ using CILEX Law School as the training provider.

What is the interest rate on a Lendwise student loan for the CILEX Professional Qualification?

As Lendwise is a peer-to-peer lending solution, each loan proposal and repayment terms is bespoke and unique to the individual applicant.

How soon do I have to start repaying my student loan?

This will be specified in your loan proposal, which you should check carefully before you agree to its terms.

To begin the process of applying for a Lendwise loan, fill in the application form on the Lendwise website and request your CILEX letter of acceptance on myCILEX.

Please note that any personal data you submit to us as part of your application will be subject to our Privacy statement.