CILEX Membership Renewals

CILEX Membership Renewals 2022

As a member you should have now received your renewal notice for 2022 membership subscription fees.

The Fellow fee is £367.

Associate Prosecutors, you cannot yet renew your practising certificate fee, but will receive your renewal notices shortly. In the meantime, you can double check your email and employer details are up to date here.

You will be renewing into the new grades which will be applicable from 2022, the details of which you can see below.

Fee table

General Queries

How do I renew?

In order to renew, you need to log into your myCILEX portal. You can click on the link below to log in and renew. Please note that if you are using a mobile device or tablet, you will need to turn the device horizontally in order to view the buttons to renew.

Click here to log in and renew.

When do I need to renew by? 

The latest you can renew and pay your membership/practising certificate fee is 31 January 2022.

I have not received my renewal notification, why is that?

There could be a couple of reasons. All of our correspondence will be sent to your ‘preferred email’, so you need to ensure that this is set up in your myCILEX account to be an email address that you will have easy access to. You can check which email address you currently have listed in your my details section.

It may have gone into your spam or junk folder, so do check there, but if you have not received it, get in touch with us so we can resend it to you.

If you joined toward the end of 2021, you may not have received the renewal notice. You will receive communications, but you can renew using the instructions above through your myCILEX portal.

Will I get my Practising Certificate after I have renewed? 

Once Fellows have completed the renewal process, and once the invoice has been paid, Fellows will be sent their Practising Certificate digitally, with a hard copy following in the post in due course. Associate Prosecutors will receive only a digital copy certificate, once the renewal has taken place, and payments have been made.

When will I receive my Practising Certificate?

Once you have gone through the online renewal process, and your Practising Certificate fee has been paid, or you have set up a direct debit, later that evening you will receive a digital copy of your Practising Certificate, which will be sent to your preferred email address. You will then receive a hard copy of your Practising Certificate within approximately 10 – 14 working days after your digital copy has been received. This will be sent to the home address that we have on your record.

I am not studying the CPQ, but my membership grades have changed, why is that?

CILEX has reviewed its membership structure to make it more streamlined and suitable for the legal profession (for example, the term Associate is often used in a very different way for legal service providers). The membership structure is for your association with us, and so we can clearly define where you are in your journey with us.

The new grade does not change what qualification(s) you have already achieved, or the requirements for you to get to your intended goal.

For example, if you are currently a graduate member, and renew into CILEX Member – Advanced Paralegal, you will still be in a position to apply for authorisation as a Chartered Legal Executive in the same way.

I want to pay for my membership or practising certificate, but can’t afford all in one go. What can I do?

We would suggest that you set up a Direct Debit. This is easily done when you go through the renewal process online, in the My Membership section.

Once you have submitted your prior conduct and membership personal data follow the instructions to renew, and choose your preferred direct debit options (you can choose monthly, quarterly or annual).

Please note a direct debit must be set up on your own personal account. Employers are unable to set up direct debits.

If you are really struggling for payment, and your employers will not pay for your membership, please take a look at the CILEX Foundation.

Will you be sending an invoice to my employer to pay? 

No, the process for organisations to pay requires you to renew through your myCILEX account and choose ‘organisation pays’ when prompted to choose your payment method.

If your employer has agreed to pay, and they are set up and registered in our system, they will receive notification that you have assigned them your invoice, and will have the ability to log on, check invoices and pay them online.

The prior conduct or membership personal data button is not there, why is that? 

If you have submitted a prior conduct declaration or completed your membership personal data since 1 August 2021, you will not need to complete this for renewal.

What if the membership grade I am in is incorrect?

The grade that you are in reflects the information that you have provided to us. So, if for example your circumstances have changed and your grade is listed incorrectly, in order that you can renew in the correct grade, you should get in touch with us here, choosing the option “Membership: My circumstances have changed”.

I have completed my membership personal data and prior conduct, but my renewal button is not there

This can happen if you start the renewal process but come out of it without completing it. If this has happened, you can usually access it by clicking on the basket on the top right hand of the portal, and pick up your renewal from there.

It may also be that you are not using the most up to date version of your web browser, so you should ensure this is up to date, and should use a PC/laptop, rather than trying to renew through a mobile device or Apple product. 

 Payment Methods

How do I pay for my membership subscription?

You can pay in several ways.

1. Pay online with a debit or credit card

2. Set up an annual, quarterly or monthly direct debit (payments will be taken on or around the first of each month, starting in January 2022)

3. You can assign an organisation to pay. This will usually be your employer or may be your training provider, if agreed. (Before you choose this as an option, you should know who within the organisation is responsible for payment, and they will need to register with CILEX if they have not already done so)

Can I pay by cheque?

No. We no longer accept cheques as a method of payment.

I selected my employer to pay, but they no longer want to, how do I arrange to pay? 

If this happens, you will need to contact the Customer Service Team, through the following form using the option Membership: 2022 membership renewals so they can help you with removing the invoice and preparing one for you so that you can pay directly.

I currently pay by direct debit, do I have to do anything to renew? 

Yes. You will need to renew in the usual way, which will give you the opportunity to choose your payment method. This is different to renewals in 2021, because we listened to member feedback, and many wanted to have that choice at renewal. If you wish to remain on direct debit, you will simply need to select it as your preferred payment option and follow the on screen instructions.

How do I select that my employer is paying my fee?

When you are choosing your payment options, choose ‘organisations pays’.

Once you have selected your employer from the look up option you will then be asked to select the billing address from a prepopulated list as shown below.

Please ensure all mandatory fields have been completed to proceed (you do not need to include a purchase order number). You must ensure that it is the name and address of the organisation for the billing address, otherwise they will not be able to pay.

You should uncheck the box which says ‘shipping address same as billing address’ and then ensure the shipping address contains your name and address in order that your organisation can identify you when it comes to making payment.

I assigned my invoice to my employer, what do they need to do to pay my membership/practising certificate?

Firstly, your employer must nominate the person responsible for processing the organisation’s CILEX subscription payments (who we will refer to as the ‘Organisation invoice contact’).

The Organisation invoice contact, must register on our online portal if they have not already done so. Once they are registered, and have been assigned the relevant security roles, they will be able to view and pay invoices online.

I am the Organisation Invoice Contact responsible for processing my organisations CILEX subscriptions, how do I register to view and pay invoices?

  You will need to register onto our online portal here, completing all the required fields. 

2.  Once registered, you will need to inform us by completing the general enquiry form here. When completing the form, you will be asked what your query relates to. You should choose ‘Membership: Organisation invoice contact confirmation’ from the drop-down menu. 

3.  In the free type query details, you need to provide your full Billing address (this will appear on the invoice so you need to ensure it is correct), and also state that you “Confirm registration and are authorised to receive the security links and invoices linked to CILEX”

4.  You will then be assigned the relevant security roles and will be contacted to confirm this happened and provided with the relevant links to review and pay your organisations invoices online. You can do this by accessing ‘Organisational invoices’ drop down under the ‘My CILEX’ tab at the top of the portal.

5.  Thereafter, you will be sent emails daily with any invoices that have been assigned to you to pay.

When you access the invoices, you can view details, pay now or print each of the invoices out individually, or there is the option at the foot of the page to pay all invoices outstanding for the organisation.

What does my training provider need to do to pay my membership? 

If your training provider has agreed to be responsible for your fees, they will nominate the person responsible for processing the organisation’s CILEX subscription payments (who we will refer to as the ‘Organisation invoice contact’).

The Organisation invoice contact, must register on our online portal, and once they are registered, and have been assigned the relevant security roles, they will be able to view and pay all invoices online. If they are already registered, they will simply be able to view the invoices online.

Please confirm with your training provider that they are responsible for the payment of your membership fees.

I have previously paid by Direct Debit - do I still need to renew?

Yes, you will still need to renew.

In 2021 those who had paid were automatically renewed, but lots of members got in touch with us to say they wanted to change their payment method now that it was possible to assign the invoice directly to their employer, so we have not automatically renewed your membership for 2022.

It is still really quick and simple to renew though, if you just click here, and complete your prior conduct and personal membership data (if you haven’t already completed it since 1 August 2021), and then renew, you can then pay using any of the payment methods you wish. If you still wish to use direct debit, simply select that as an option, and it will ask you if you wish to use the same instructions as you previously did, or if you want to organise a new Direct Debit payment.

If you have any further queries, please contact us using the "Membership: Membership renewals 2022 option".

Do I need to complete the prior conduct form?
Yes, this is an annual requirement when renewing. However, you will not be presented with the option to complete the declaration if the last time you submitted it was after 1 August 2020. 
Do I need to complete the prior conduct form?
Yes, this is an annual requirement when renewing. However, you will not be presented with the option to complete the declaration if the last time you submitted it was after 1 August 2020.