Whiplash evidence published

MPs publish CILEx evidence on whiplash

19 April 2017

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The Justice Select Committee has published evidence submitted by CILEx on the Government’s reforms to personal injury, whiplash, and the small claims limit, saying the plans will penalise genuinely injured persons.

The submission says: “The overall impact of these proposals will be to remove innocent injured persons of their right to fair compensation, and to deprive them of the independent legal advice they need to be able to enforce their legal rights. It will exacerbate the inequality of arms we already see between claimants and defendants, and it sets a dangerous precedent for future reforms.”

The evidence was compiled using responses from the CILEx member Personal Injury Specialist Reference Group, who contributed their views when CILEx responded to the Ministry’s of Justice initial consultation.

The reforms are outlined in the Prisons and Courts Bill, which some expect will be reintroduced after the General Election on 08 June.

Click here to read the full submission.