Spending review statement

CILEx responds to the Spending Review

CILEx logo26 November 2015

Yesterday the Chancellor George Osborne announced the outcome of the Spending Review.

In response, a CILEx spokesperson said: “CILEx welcomes the protection of FE funding for 16-19 year olds in cash terms, however an opportunity for much needed investment has been missed. The new employer-led body to set apprenticeship standards should include professional associations and regulators to ensure quality standards are considered in the public interest.

“Additional investment in court digitisation is welcome, but needs implementing before courts are closed so the full benefit can be felt. It is regrettable the Government has suggested increasing court fees again, despite the damaging impact of enhanced fees. An accessible justice system benefits all in society, not only those who use its services.

“Transferring personal injury claims of up to £5,000 to small claims courts will lead to injured people going without the legal representation they need. Government should consider the merits of penalising innocent injured parties, rather than ensuring the insurance market works better for consumers. Removing compensation for general damages, including pain and suffering, goes against the principle that if you are harmed you are entitled to compensation. If this is to be proposed, it should be subject to full parliamentary scrutiny.”

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