Post 16 Skills Plan ‘bold and exciting’

Post 16 Skills Plan ‘bold and exciting’

08 July 2016

Skills minister Nick Boles has today published the Government’s Post-16 Skills Plan along with the report of Lord Sainsbury’s independent panel on technical and professional education. 

The plan will establish 15 streamlined routes for learners to choose from, including a ‘Legal, Finance and Accounting’ route. 

CILEx director of education Vicky Purtill said; “This is a bold and exciting move towards rationalising the provision of technical education, and I’d like to thank the Panel for their diligence and openness to contributions. 

For more than 50 years CILEx has been the leader in qualifying specialist legal professionals through vocational education, which we are expanding with the imminent launch of Trailblazer Apprenticeships, and our new Tech level diploma in Law and Legal Skills.

As these proposals are implemented, our focus will be on ensuring employers remain confident in the competence and capability of CILEx-qualified staff, and that learners have accessible opportunities to pursue meaningful and fulfilling legal careers.”

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