More students take ILEX route

More and more law students take the new ILEX qualifications

The Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) is increasingly being chosen as a genuine route to a successful career in law.

Figures released this week have shown a 40 per cent increase last year (2010) in the number of exams being taken for the new Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice, which is the equivalent to A-Level standard.

Chief Executive at ILEX, Diane Burleigh, welcomed the news: “What is so brilliant about this increase is that more students are recognising the benefits of studying ILEX qualifications. Even at this stage in their studies, many of them will be already working in the legal sector and so ILEX qualifications can be a way to demonstrate their skills to both clients and their employers.”

Going to university is not the only route to a successful career in law and, with escalating concerns over student debt, many students are deciding to ‘earn as they learn’ and study with ILEX.

“For nearly 50 years, ILEX has guided and trained over 84,000 law students through what are effectively legal apprenticeships” adds Diane. “ILEX qualifications are highly valued by employers, as trainee legal executives can be valuable fee earners for their firms as soon as they have gained their initial qualification. In fact, an October 2010 survey found that over 77% of ILEX students have their membership fees paid by their employers, and 60% of ILEX students have all their course and exam fees paid for by their employers.”

“Last year we saw the first ILEX member to be made a judge and we now have over 100 ILEX members as partners in law firms. The next 12 months will see ILEX members making a big impact on the legal sector, particularly when ABS commence, as Legal Executive lawyers have the client care training and expert legal knowledge that these commercial ventures will need. We will be building on this and expect to see more and more people choosing ILEX to start their career in law.”

Posted 26.01.11