New Look Journal Launched

And Now For Something Completely Different

26 March 2008 pr009.08

TV celebrities are not the only ones who benefit from a makeover. There is a vibrant new look legal publication on the shelves from this month that is aiming to go places.

The Legal Executive has been given a totally new look and feel, designed to move it completely away from the more conservative design it had enjoyed in the past

With a new editor, a refreshing new look, bolder colours, progressive layout and a wider range of articles and features, the Legal Executive is aiming to appeal to a much wider audience than ever before. As the official journal of the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX), the Legal Executive is already read by the 24,000 members, but is looking to substantially increase its readership among the rest of the legal profession.

Following changes last year to legislation that governs the legal profession, there are exciting times ahead for legal executives in particular, as those changes start to take effect.

The next few years will see major alterations in the way the legal profession conducts business and the Legal Executive aims to reflect and comment on those changes as they happen. Future editions will carry regular features including career briefs, a quarterly fashion brief and more articles of general interest, as well as news and topical articles on legal matters that will be of interest to both Legal Executives and to the wider legal profession alike.

The launch of this exciting new design represents an excellent opportunity for advertisers old and new to become involved with a magazine that intends to be both noticed and talked about. To give you an opportunity to be in at the start of what promises to be a bright new future, the Legal Executive has come up with some very attractive and tempting offers for advertisers that are just too good to miss.

If you want to be a part of that future, call Sharon Bruty on 01234 845721 or Amanda Brewitt on 01234 845737 right away.