Minster Law

03 October 2011

Minster Law strengthens development through ILEX

Minster Law, the UK’s largest Road Traffic Accident (RTA) personal injury practice, has joined the ranks of other large legal businesses that are turning to the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) to develop their employees.

Using ILEX Tutorial College (ITC) to provide the training, a significant number of employees from both their Wakefield and York offices will train on a range of ILEX courses, at a fraction of the cost of a law degree or LPC, through Minster Law’s new in-house academy.

Andrea Preston, Minster Law’s HR Director, said: “We’ve got ambitious plans for growth and the partnership with ILEX ties in with those plans. As well as ensuring we remain an attractive employer that invests in its people, we want to offer unique opportunities for development and help current employees be the best they can be.”

Chief Executive Officer at ILEX, Diane Burleigh, said: “In personal injury, it’s essential that staff can respond quickly and carefully to a client’s queries and concerns. ILEX and ITC are delighted to be working with Minster Law to develop their people in a way that best serves their clients and fits in with the firm’s corporate values.”

A group of less experienced employees have now started their initial training on ILEX Level 3 courses with more advanced colleagues jumping to the Level 6 course.

For more information about the ILEX route, visit our website www.ilexcareers.org.uk