LSB – clean bill of health

24 June 2011

LSB once again awards ILEX a clean bill of health

Legal Services Board presssizeThe Legal Services Board (LSB) has once again given the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) a clean bill of health for its Internal Governance arrangements for 2011.

In his letter to ILEX, David Edmonds Chair of the LSB stated: “We recognise that you (ILEX) and ILEX Professional Standards (IPS) are compliant with the IGR schedule and the independence requirements of the Act. We also welcomed the steps that you and IPS have taken to amend the protocols and the service level agreement in response to suggestions made by my board.”

Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of ILEX, said: “As an Approved Regulator ILEX takes its regulatory responsibilities seriously. We are proud of our achievements with the establishment of ILEX Professional Standards. The care that has been taken by both ILEX and IPS over governance arrangements is reflected by this clean bill of health from the LSB. Our governance arrangements aim to reinforce public confidence in the procurement of legal services.”