Be a lawyer without university

You Don’t Have To Go To University To Become A Lawyer!

14 August 2008 pr031.08

Many potential lawyers will be put off a legal career because of the difficulty in gaining a place at university. But a career in law is possible without going to university and without the resulting debt. The Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX) is the organisation that can offer that alternative route to a career in law.

Law still remains one of the most popular university courses, with almost a quarter of all applications to universities for a place on a law course. But competition is intensive; include the widening gulf in results between private schools and comprehensives, then add the growing cost of a university course – the average student now leaves university with a £25,000 debt -and many budding Rumpoles simply won’t make it to the hallowed portals.

So the opportunity of an alternative route to a legal career and one without debt becomes an increasingly attractive alternative.

ILEX courses offer a cost-effective, officially recognised route to the key qualifications needed for a career in law. A variety of options, from studying full-time at a higher education establishment to part-time and distance learning are available with students covering a similar syllabus to a university law course.

However, not only are ILEX students learning but they are also earning as they will be working within the legal environment at the same time, gaining valuable experience in the process.

“Many promising lawyers won’t even make it on to a university law course, which is a huge loss to the profession” said ILEX President Mark Bishop.

“ILEX offers these students the opportunity to ‘earn and learn’ and we can offer the flexibility for study which will cover most students’ circumstances, whatever their background. The real-world experience and practical skills gained at the same time have been proven to give Legal Executives lawyers a head start in their law career.”

“For those older students and those who come to a career in law later in life with family commitments, university is not even an option. Again, ILEX can offer the ideal training route to enable them to achieve their ambitions. To date over 80,000 students have become Legal Executive Lawyers since ILEX was founded, proof that this is a growing preferred option ahead of an increasingly expensive university education.”