Lord Judge – ‘CILEx is Golden’

Lord Chief Justice: “CILEx is Golden”

06 June 2013

Lord Chief Justice Lord Igor Judge

At the CILEx annual Presidential Luncheon held on 6 June, the Lord Chief Justice, Lord Igor Judge, proclaimed that “CILEx is Golden”, in recognition of its 50th Anniversary.

The annual event, attended by many of the most influential individuals in the legal services sector, was addressed by the Lord Chief and CILEx President Nick Hanning.

Nick Hanning said: “I love my Institute. Not just because it gave me the freedom to train and develop as a lawyer when no other profession would do so, but because it grants everyone that liberty.”

The Lord Chief commended CILEx for its work in opening up access to the legal profession, and took the opportunity to pay tribute to CILEx Chief Executive Diane Burleigh on the award of her OBE. He said “Diane Burleigh has achieved monumental, monumental, progress… I have not been aware of any public honour that has been better merited than the honour bestowed on her this year.”

The Lord Chief was full of praise for CILEx in its 50th year, recognising its ambition for growth and achievement over the last 50 years. He joked “CILEx is speeding up, it is growing, it is becoming more deeply rooted in the administration of justice as the years go by as I am speeding away down the hill. I am going to let you all into a secret, I could have stayed on as Lord Chief Justice till I was 75, but I decided to retire this year as I just could not keep up with CILEx.”

The event also soberly addressed the further proposed cuts to Legal Aid. Speaking of the cuts, Nick Hanning highlighted the removal of legal aid from vulnerable members of society, the blocking of judicial reviews, and state intervention in the freedom to choose a lawyer.

Mr Hanning said: “You might be forgiven for thinking all those things are happening elsewhere. Not here. Not in England and Wales … but you’d be wrong,” comments that prompted applause from the audience. Justice Minister Helen Grant was due to attend but was unable to at the last minute.

You can read a transcript of Nick Hanning’s speech here.

Watch the videos of the speeches here.