It’s all ping pong at CILEx

CILEx and Table Tennis EnglandIT’S ALL GONE PING PONG AT CILEx

14 August 2015

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) has today served-up its new workplace wellbeing initiative for employees – table tennis.

The Bedfordshire-based company, which is the awarding body and professional association for lawyers and legal professionals, introduced the initiative with the support of Table Tennis England.

CILEx chief executive Mandie Lavin said: “We believe that offering our employees something fun and active to do during their breaks will benefit both the individual and the business down the line. At CILEx we are passionate about staff wellbeing and support ideas that enhance the working environment for our employees.”

Mandie continued: “The new table is absolutely smashing and we look forward to running regular competitions and events to get everyone involved.”

Julie Snowdon, marketing and media officer for Table Tennis England believes table tennis can really benefit people in the workplace. She said: “Introducing table tennis into the working environment is a great way to improve health and wellbeing among staff. A table tennis table has a wonderful knack of bringing teams together, breaking down departmental barriers and encouraging interaction amongst workers who otherwise wouldn’t have contact with each other.”

Julie continued: “Ping pong is also a great stress buster; and unlike most other physical activities, a game of table tennis requires no change of clothes. So after a lunch-time game staff are ready for the afternoon revitalised and buzzing, not hot and rushed.”

Table Tennis England, the sport’s official governing body, has recognised the benefits of bringing table tennis to the workplace with the launch of ‘Loop’; an initiative to engage adults in social table tennis in a range of non-sporting settings, including the office.

Teamed up with Sport England and a series of equipment suppliers, Loop offers ‘Beat the Boss’ packages which include tables, bats, balls, trophies and games ideas at vastly discounted prices. For more information visit:


Photo L-R: Julie Snowdon Table Tennis England, CILEx President David Edwards, CILEx CEO Mandie Lavin, Alex Bunney Table Tennis England