ILEX Presidents Release Video

ILEX Presidents Release Video Review of 2010 Achievements

The first in a series of short films, commissioned by the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX), has been broadcast to highlight the Institute’s many achievements during a busy 2010, and to look expectantly at what is planned for 2011.

Viewers are invited to log onto the ILEX website at and join ILEX’s two presidents from 2010, Judith Gordon-Nichols (Jul ’09 – Jul ’10) and David McGrady (Jul ’10 – Jul ’11), as they discuss the organisation’s successes over the year and debate what the future holds for the organisation and its members.

ILEX’s highlights of 2010 include;

  • First ILEX judge to be appointed – Ian Ashley Smith was made a DDJ in August 2010
  • 100 ILEX members are now partners within their law firms
  • Extended rights of audiences in court for advocates
  • Joint ILEX Bar Scheme (JIB) launched – The ILEX Pro Bono Forum launched a joint pro bono scheme with the Bar Pro Bono Unit (BPBU). This scheme allocates a suitable ILEX Fellow volunteer to work alongside a BPBU barrister, providing the services needed for the case to create opportunities to work on a wider number of cases to increase experience
  • A diverse organisation – 75% of ILEX members are female, 13% are of Black, Asian or of other Ethnic origin, and a route to the profession that encourages social mobility.

In the 6 minute film, available at, current president, David McGrady states: “ILEX has been campaigning relentlessly for nearly 50 years to promote the rights of our members and we now have members who can become judges. We are now a well respected organisation, and that is extending our privileges and the ear that we have.”

Former president Judith Gordon-Nichols agreed, adding: “We are no longer a junior partner – we are considered to be equal.”

Two new films will be launched shortly to complete the series. These will look in depth at the career route with ILEX and the benefits to employers when their staff take ILEX qualifications.

Posted 06.01.11