Guide for Lawmakers launched

JUSTICE guide on the law for parliamentarians launched

7 July 2015

Vicky Purtill Head of QualificationsCILEx has proudly sponsored the Law for Lawmakers guide, launched in Parliament today by JUSTICE. The guide is a short introduction to some key legal and constitutional principles confronted by MPs, Peers and their staff in their work. It is designed to provide basic information and signposts on where to source legal advice and support.

Vicky Purtill, head qualifications for CILEx, who contributed to the document said: “This helpful guide will be invaluable in assisting parliamentarians in identifying the potential implications of the legislative decisions they make. We are very proud to have been involved, and offered our expertise in legal education and training.”

Lord Hope, former deputy president of the Supreme Court, writes in his foreword: “We all depend on the rule of law for the moral and ethical well-being of our country. Upholding the rule of law is not, however, just a matter for the judges. It is the responsibility of Parliamentarians too, as the laws which they make are underpinned and given primacy in our courts by the theory of the sovereignty of Parliament.”

Andrea Coomber, director of JUSTICE said: “For decades, JUSTICE has worked closely with politicians from all parties, focusing on access to justice and the rule of law. This Parliament will tackle difficult constitutional problems from Brexit to EVEL (English votes for English laws). Beyond the acronyms, we thought the time was ripe to revisit the basics and to start a conversation about access to independent cross-party legal support for Westminster.”

The project was supported by Allen & Overy, the Law Society of England and Wales, the Bar Council and CILEx.
CILEx has been providing innovative vocational legal education for over 50 years, and offered our specialism in supporting the advancement of practical legal knowledge and skills.

CILEx works with Parliamentarians on subjects relating to the justice and education systems, and on matters of law reform, often providing provide briefings and guidance on issues under consideration by Parliament in the public interest.

Read the full guide.