Graduation 2011

13 April 2011

ILEX Graduates and Medal Winners celebrate

Graduates 2011

The Institute of Legal Executives, has welcomed 174 new Legal Executive Fellows during their graduation ceremonies this week (Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 April 2011).

After completing four years of studies and five years of qualifying employment, they are now entitled to call themselves fully fledged lawyers and receive a high level of recognition and respect alongside their lawyer colleagues.

ILEX President, David McGrady said: “I am very proud of these graduates. The Legal Executive route to qualification as a lawyer is not a lesser route. There was a time when some might have suggested it was, but you will find few these days, brave enough or ignorant enough, to advance such an argument.

“Indeed it is curious that after nearly 50 years of ILEX promoting an `earn as you learn` scheme, those responsible for regulating lawyers are now coming to the conclusion that learning with ILEX is a better method of training and preparation than extended academic study and the huge cost that goes with it.”

Guest speaker at the graduation, Deputy District Judge, Ian Ashley-Smith, praised the graduates: “You have had the good sense to enrol with the Institute for the very good reason that you wanted to further your education in a way that was relevant to your aspirations.

“You are now qualified Lawyers who can participate fully as equal partners in your firms, you can be advocates and you can apply for judicial office. I congratulate you all.”

Four Advocates also graduated this week after completing the ILEX Advocacy course, they are: Lora Clark, Pat Messer, Leon Stuart and Claudius Taylor.

Alongside the graduates, three ILEX medals were also presented, these were for:

The ILEX Student of the Year Medal:

Awarded to the Anna Lloyd who achieved the highest average score (76 per cent) in her ILEX Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law/Law and Practice subjects.

ILEX President, David McGrady said: “Anna has shown great passion, integrity and commitment to her studies and should be rewarded for her hard work. She has a bright future as an excellent lawyer ahead of her.”

The ILEX Employer of the Year Medal:

Awarded to Bott & Company. Based in Cheshire. Bott & Company are recognised for the support and encouragement they have given to ILEX members and students when pursuing the ILEX route to becoming a qualified lawyer.

ILEX President David McGrady said: “ILEX is grateful to all employers who support Legal Executive students and the level of nominations this year was very high. However, Bott & Company’s initiative to single out development through the ILEX qualification via its academy showed great commitment to the advancement of not just Legal Executives but of the legal sector as a whole”

The ILEX President’s Medal:

Awarded to Bernard D’Monte F.Inst.L.Ex. A discretionary medal that recognises an individual who has given outstanding service to ILEX or the legal community and reflected ILEX’s values and ethos.

ILEX President, David McGrady said: “I was delighted to present this award to Bernard D’Monte. His dedication to ILEX and the quality of his work epitomises lawyers practising today as Legal Executives. He relies upon the quality of his work to speak for his dedication and commitment and as a consequence he has earned the respect of both solicitors and barristers in his field, not to mention that of his clients.”