Fellows sign ID1 & ID2 forms

Land registry opens up identity verification to CILEx Fellows

17 March 2015Peter Watkin

The Land Registry is to introduce revised Forms ID1 and ID2 from 7 April 2015 to reflect the right of CILEx Conveyancing Practitioners to act as signatories to these forms. From the same date the Land Registry will also open up identity forms for authorisation by Chartered Legal Executives.

The move follows Parliamentary approval of new practice rights for CILEx members enabling them to be authorised to conduct ‘reserved instrument activities’. It also re-instates permission which existed before 2011 for CILEx Fellows to sign ID1 and ID2 forms.

CILEx Council member and residential property specialist Peter Watkin FCILEx (pictured) said: “We are grateful to the Land Registry for making these changes in recognition of the professional standing of Chartered Legal Executives, and the new opportunities for CILEx Conveyancing Practitioners. This will help firms ensure the smooth handling of conveyancing cases.”

The opportunity to become a CILEx Conveyancing Practitioner is open to any professional, not just members of CILEx, who can prove their competence to regulator ILEX Professional Standards.

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