Facing up to the digital identity challenge

29 May 2020

Facing up to the digital identity challenge

HM Land Registry is seeking solutions that would help mobilise electronic ID verification to the benefit of conveyancers and the home buying and selling process.

Working collaboratively with CILEx, The Law Society and the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, the four organisations are investigating the benefits of cryptographic and biometric checking of identity, using microchip-enabled passports or identity cards, which might present a new, robust and convenient answer to the need to maintain social distancing while verifying an applicant’s identity.

The four organisations have been working together, alongside representatives from across the conveyancing industry, to find ways to help the property market during the coronavirus crisis, and have highlighted the immediate need for an easy-to-use, modestly-priced, remote and digitally secure way for conveyancers to securely identify the buyers and sellers of a property.

In the interests of mobilising digital solutions, HM Land Registry will be hosting a virtual event to explore how best to help ID solution providers to develop an accessible service for conveyancers. If you would like to be involved in this event, please find out more here.