CILEx encourages collaborative working on future of McKenzie Friends

CILEx encourages collaborative working on future of McKenzie Friends

09 June 2016

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) has supported proposals that would prevent uninsured and unregulated persons from charging the public for representing them in court, but has expressed openness to adopting shared approaches to education and training with other organisations.

In responding to the Judicial Executive Board’s consultation on ‘Reforming the courts approach to McKenzie Friends, CILEx also approved of changing the title to something that more clearly described the supportive nature of the role.

Simon Garrod, CILEx director of policy and governance, said: “McKenzie Friends may come from a variety of sources and the majority will be acting with complete propriety, however we do not think it appropriate to charge for legal services without guaranteeing the public sufficient protections and redress. We are open to how we as approved regulators can work together to improve standards and ensure the public can be confident in the people who support them through the courts.”

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