CILEx Benevolent Fund reaches out to retired members

CILEx Benevolent Fund reaches out to retired members

19 April 2018

Retirement plan

CILEx Benevolent Fund is today calling on retired members to seek its guidance, at the earliest opportunity, if they find themselves encountering financial difficulties or hardship.

The fund’s board of trustees wants to raise awareness that its tailored money- management advice remains fully available to current – and previous – CILEx members in retirement. The fund’s remit also covers a deceased member’s spouse.

On some occasions, the fund can provide grants to those experiencing one-off instances of extreme financial hardship. Over the past year, the fund has provided a contribution towards the cost of a funeral and the purchase price of a washing machine, among other grants.

Simon Wells, chair of CILEx Benevolent Fund’s board of trustees, said: “There is no shame in finding yourself in debt at any stage in life, and it can certainly happen to those who have retired.

“The important thing is that this situation is acknowledged as soon as possible, and proactive steps are put in place to remedy it.

“In recent years, we have been able to assist several retired members who were struggling to cope financially, and those grants have actively changed the lives of these elderly beneficiaries for the better.

“I would also ask anyone that is aware of a retired CILEx member who needs financial guidance or assistance to point them in the Benevolent Fund’s direction at the earliest opportunity.”

Depending on an individual’s personal circumstances, the fund can provide financial help to cover unexpected or unusual, or simply utility bills, or the purchase of something to help ease a disability.

CILEx finds that applications to its Benevolent Fund are drawn from all age groups, and last year around one in 10 of all requests for assistance were made by those aged over 60. The greatest number of applications – around half – were made by those aged between 30 and 39.

Simon Wells added: “We suspect that there might be many more retired CILEx members, who are both eligible for our assistance and would actively benefit from some guidance or financial support.

“The message is simple: if you have been a member of CILEx during your working career, then we are here to help in your time of need whenever that arises.”

For more information about the ways CILEx Benevolent Fund could assist you, visit: