Chartered Legal Executives now eligible for Court entry pilot scheme

17 August 2018

Chartered Legal Executives now eligible for Court entry pilot scheme

CILEx Fellows regularly appearing in court are encouraged to register ahead of a pilot designed to give them easier access to court buildings.

Following discussions with CILEx, HMCTS have confirmed that the ‘Professional Entry Scheme’ pilot, originally announced as being for solicitors and barristers, is also open for Chartered Legal Executives.

CILEx members working in firms can be signed off by their head of firm in order to register with their local court. The Professional Entry Scheme pilot will run for 12 weeks from 5 September in the following courts:

  • Brighton Magistrates’ Court
  • Maidstone Combined Court
  • Southwark Crown Court
  • Tameside Magistrates’ Court
  • Wood Green Crown Court

Firms work regularly with these courts will be contacted to discuss registrations. Once registered, members will be able to use their drivers license or passport as photo ID, and gain faster entry into the court.

A CILEx spokesperson said; “We are glad that HMCTS will be including Chartered Legal Executives as eligible to participate in the professional entry scheme pilots alongside their solicitor and barrister counterparts. We look forward to a wider roll out in due course, and we ask our members to be patient while the scheme is tested in the pilot phase.”

More information can be found on the HMCTS website.