Associate Prosecutors

07 April 2011

Associate Prosecutors: Parliament recognises ILEX excellence in regulation

The Institute of Legal Executives is now an approved regulator for litigation rights for Associate Prosecutors, enabling associate prosecutors in the Crown Prosecution Service to exercise litigation and advocacy rights in the Magistrates Courts under the stewardship of an approved regulator.

This step came last night (05 April 2011) when the House of Lords approved an Order previously approved in the House of Commons.

Ian Watson, Chief Executive of ILEX Professional Standards, explained: “The Order will permit Associate Prosecutors to be regulated by a professional body, ILEX, through its regulatory arm IPS. The Order also makes ILEX an Approved Regulator for litigation rights generally. I am very pleased by the positive comments made in both Houses and echo Baroness Hayter who said: “This arrangement will ensure that the consumer interest is reflected though these regulatory arrangements.” I am also pleased with the close working arrangements we have with the CPS which has made this possible.”

Diane Burleigh, Chief Executive of ILEX added: “ILEX has been regulating Associate Prosecutors in their capacity as Members of ILEX for two years. We are delighted that not only have ILEX, and IPS, received recognition as excellent regulators, but that our Associate Prosecutors have received the recognition they deserve for their abilities and dedication. We are also grateful to colleagues in the Legal Services board, the MoJ and CPS who have supported this process. We see this development as another contribution that ILEX makes to diversify the legal profession and provide opportunities for people from all backgrounds to access a career in law”.

Mike Kennedy, Chief Operating Officer of the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “This is good news for our Associate Prosecutors, and I am confident that this new arrangement will continue to promote their professional development. Associate Prosecutors play a crucial role in our in-house advocacy and this development with ILEX will ensure that excellent work is recognised where it should be and where improvement is needed it is carried our swiftly and effectively.”