APs to play key role in CPS

Associate Prosecutors play a key role in efficiency

Associate Prosecutors will play a key role in maintaining CPS standards whilst helping achieve efficiency cuts of 25%, according to their membership body, the Institute of Legal Executives (ILEX).

Responding to criticisms levied by the Law Society on the proposed cost cutting exercises that were presented to the Treasury by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), ILEX stressed that Legal Executives and other ILEX members working in the CPS will play an important part in the desired cost efficiencies.

“As the professional association and regulator for Associate Prosecutors (APs), ILEX works closely with the CPS on standards and training for APs. They do an important and responsible job in our courts. The latest HMCPS Inspectorate report highlights this fine contribution.

‚ÄúSubject to further training, by 2011 APs will be able to deepen their contribution by undertaking a broader range of advocacy in the magistrates courts than they do at present” said ILEX President David McGrady today.

“We know how good our members are at what they do. I reject totally the criticism made by the Law Society, and invite them to look at the evidence about APs performance. Clearly ILEX has concerns about how the integrity of the criminal justice system can be maintained in the face of the swinging budget cuts that the whole system is facing. However ILEX calls on the government, and government justice agencies, to work in tandem, so that the effect of budget cuts across the CPS, police, prisons, courts, probation services and others does not undermine public confidence in any one part of the system, or in the system as a whole.”

Posted 19.07.10