Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Ethics and professional responsibility sit at the heart of the CILEX Professional Qualification (CPQ). This ensures that trainees will gain a full understanding of their responsibilities and develop the behaviours that will help them to respond appropriately to ethically challenging situations. 

Two e-Learning courses, both of which must be completed no matter where on the framework the trainee joins CPQ, introduce trainees to relevant Codes of Practice and the kinds of ethical dilemmas that they may face in real life. 

Ethics and Professional Responsibility 1 (normally taken during the Foundation stage) introduces trainees to the legal profession, its regulatory structure, and the CILEX Code of Conduct and how it applies to them. The module will also consider further aspects of their compliance responsibilities, including money laundering, data protection and client due diligence, all of which are essential to practising as a paralegal or lawyer. 

Ethics and Professional Responsibility 2 (normally taken during the Advanced stage) will expand on the understanding developed in the first course and introduce trainees to a series of interactive case studies. The aim of these case studies is to give trainees an opportunity to show how the relevant ethical and regulatory principles they have learned might be implemented while navigating professional decision making. 

Trainees can complete each of the courses at their own pace. They are provided directly by CILEX, accessible via MyCILEX, and not through the trainee’s training provider. 

In addition to the assessments at the conclusion of each of these e-Learning modules, trainees will be also assessed on their knowledge and application of ethical and professional principles both through the Professional Experience outcomes and also through the individual module assessments

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