Royal Charter

Royal Charter

About our Charter status

On 12 October 2011, the Queen in Council approved our application for Royal Charter. On 30 January 2012 Justice Minister, Jonathan Djanogly presented us with the sealed charter.

There are many benefits that a Royal Charter brings to the public as well as to the Institute and its members, including:

  • Our status as an Approved Regulator, Professional Body and Awarding Organisation is enhanced by the additional scrutiny and endorsement of our operations by the Privy Council.
  • Formal public recognition for our high standards in qualification, regulation and representation.
  • Raised consumer awareness and confidence when seeking legal advice from suitably qualified, regulated lawyers.
  • Professional recognition from your peers in the legal profession for your equal standing and expertise as Chartered Legal Executive lawyers.

In October 2012 the Privy Council agreed to some changes in our Charter and its Bye-laws.

From that date, the following designatory letters have been used for the following membership grades:

FCILEX – Fellows

GCILEX – Graduate members

ACILEX – Associate members

If you have any questions about The Royal Charter then please complete our general enquiry form.

The Oath

All Chartered Legal Executives recite the following oath upon graduating from CILEX, underlining their commitment to the very best service and professional standards.

I promise to discharge diligently my duties and responsibilities as a Chartered Legal Executive. I will protect my independence as a lawyer, uphold the Rule of Law, and act at all times with integrity. I will justify the confidence and trust that is placed in me by my clients, the courts, the public and by my profession.