Our Strategy

Our Strategic Priorities

In 2021, CILEX conducted a survey of its members to better understand their experience in the workplace.

The data provided showed the determination of CILEX members to succeed, to deliver access to justice and to improve the justice system for those they represent. It also highlighted the difficulties faced by members, some of whom faced discrimination and unfair treatment from fellow professionals and their employers.

The findings allowed CILEX to establish an agenda from which to build its strategy for the next two to three years. This centres around four key themes:

1. Make justice better

CILEX members want to make justice better for the communities they come from and serve. This is driven by the diversity of CILEX members at every level and the rejection of the social, educational and professional elitism that even today defines attitudes in many of those who operate in the legal sector.

To do this, CILEX will continue to address current inequities and prejudices in the law and the legal system, and fight to remove the remaining barriers faced by its members.

CILEX will also continue to speak out on public policy issues, working to make its voice heard on the law and what is needed to ensure an efficient and effective legal system.

2. Make ourselves better

CILEX members want to succeed and achieve their career goals. CILEX wants to ensure its members have the recognition they deserve for the world-class, non-traditional qualification route they have followed.

3. Make work better

CILEX wants its members to have a work environment that is qualification-route blind and appoints, promotes and rewards on talent. One where, regardless of qualification, there is opportunity to have employer-funded training and CPD, and where study leave and time to participate in professional life is made available.

4. Proud of CILEX

CILEX members are incredibly proud of CILEX and what it has enabled them to do.

CILEX is dedicated to retaining that commitment and support by ensuring a positive culture and an attractive and engaging brand.

CILEX also wants to grow the power of CILEX members by expanding the qualification outside England and Wales and to continue to reform its governance so that every CILEX member gets a voice.