Consultation 14.08

14.08 Pleural Plaques

The above paper considers what the Government response should be to the Law Lords’ ruling on 17th October 2007 that pleural plaques (localised areas of fibrosis found within the pleura area of the lung caused by asbestos exposure) are not actionable or compensatable damage.

The paper proposes action to improve understanding of pleural plaques and to provide support and reassurance to those diagnosed with pleural plaques to help allay their concerns. It considers the issues that arise in relation to changing the law of negligence and invites views on whether this would or would not be appropriate. It also seeks views on the merits of offering no fault financial support to people diagnosed with pleural plaques, and on two possible ways of doing this.

The paper can be accessed in electronic form at the following address:

The consultation will end on 1st October 2008. Reponses to the paper should be sent to:

Gus Ghataura, Law Reform Officer at the following email address [email protected]