Consultation 13.08

13.08 Managing Legal Aid Cases in Partnership – Delivery Transformation

The above consultation paper by the Legal Services Commission (LSC) describes how it proposes to deal with legal aid providers in the future.

The consultation includes proposals relating to the following processes:

  • Means assessment for legal aid work, mediation, controlled legal representation and civil representation
  • The application and amendment process for civil representation
  • The administration and calculation of contributions for civil legal aid cases
  • The submission of claims for both criminal and civil legal aid issues.

Much of the consultation paper is dedicated to proposals on electronic working, the reduction of bureaucracy and to improve the way that the LSC works with legal aid providers.

The consultation can be found on the following LSC website:

If you would like to add your response to this paper, please email [email protected]. The deadline for submission of responses is 3rd July 2008.