Consultation 07.09

The Legal Services Commission – Best Value Tendering for Criminal Defence Contracts (CDS) 2010


The key focus on the Legal Service Commission (LSC) consultation exercise is the detailed proposals for a model of Best Value Tendering ( BVT) covering police station and magistrates’ court work . The proposals include when and where the model would be piloted (Greater Manchester and Avon & Somerset Criminal Justice System ( CJS) areas), as well as proposals for the future roll-out of BVT throughout England and Wales

The existing Unified contract (Crime) 2008 will be extended by just under six months and will now expire at the end of June 2010.

The LSC has also included the tender process for the Criminal Defence Service (CDS) Contract 2010 (the replacement of the Unified Contract ( Crime) 2008) that will apply to all contracts in England and Wales, with the exception of the BVT area.

Further, the LSC proposals include adopting basic qualification criteria that will apply to all legal aid providers.

The consultation can be accessed on this link to the Legal Services Commission website:

Replies to the consultation are sought by 19th June 2009

posted 05.05.09