Consultation 03.10

Simplifying Immigration Law – Home Office Consultation

Ref: 03.10

The above Consultation paper outlines the Government’s intentions to simplify immigration law. Recent legislative changes have supported the policy, process and organisation changes the Government has put in place, but there is a need for a wider reform of the legal framework for immigration. The ‘Draft Immigration Bill (Cm. 7666)’, (ISBN 9780101766623) sets out the detailed proposals.

All the major acts in this area since the Immigration Act 1971 are to be consolidated and repealed. In addition to the primary legislation, the Immigration Rules, a range of statutory instruments, and much guidance and instruction, are also to be reviewed and simplified.

This paper also describes how the proposals in the draft Bill will help support the Government’s wider objectives:

  • to protect the UK border and national interests;
  • to tackle border tax fraud, smuggling and immigration crime; and
  • to implement fast and fair decisions.

The Consultation Paper, together with the draft Bill, can be accessed on the following Home Office link.

The Consultation closes on 3rd February 2010.