Progression routes

How do these Legal Services Knowledge qualifications relate to the CILEx Professional qualifications?

The Legal Services Knowledge qualifications can represent a starting point for an individual’s progressive study with CILEx, but can also be the way in which employers, learners and providers develop understanding and skills more narrowly and more precisely relevant to specific practice-based and often technical/functionalised job roles.

The CILEx Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice consists of 10 units and represents a wide range of legal study across a number of law, practice and skills-related areas. Achievement of the Level 3 Professional Diploma is the holistic standard for progression on to the Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice at Level 6, which can then lead ultimately to the achievement of Chartered Legal Executive status.

For an individual learner and/ or employer trying to choose which CILEx qualification pathway best suits their needs, it is important to consider the extent to which:

  1. the required learning is specific to a job role;
  2. the way in which the learner and employer may wish the job role/learning to develop over time;
  3. the way in which the learner wants to personally and professionally develop over time;
  4. the overall benefits of a more narrowly-focussed, possibly more immediate approach to learning outweigh a broader-based, longer term approach to learning.