Legal Services Qualifications

What are the CILEx Legal Services qualifications?

CILEx has introduced Legal Services qualifications at Level 3

These qualifications have been developed primarily to support the delivery of Advanced and Higher Apprenticeships in Legal Services in England and Wales. However, each of the qualifications is a viable outcome in its own right.

The ‘Knowledge’ qualifications assess underpinning knowledge and understanding in law and legal practice areas relevant to the title. These qualifications are assessed by a combination of CILEx examination and provider-assessed, and CILEx moderated assignments.

The ‘Competence’ qualifications assess workplace competence in relation to the performance of a legal role within the legal office. These qualifications require that learners assemble a portfolio of assessed evidence relating to the units relevant to their job role which is then externally verified by CILEx.

Level 3 Legal Services Qualifications

Knowledge qualifications

Competence qualification

Please note that no new learners are being accepted onto the Level 3 Competence Qualifications, as these qualifications are being withdrawn (603/0122/3, 601/0275/5).

CILEX Level 3 Diploma in Providing Legal Services, see Purpose Statement

CILEx Level 3 Diploma in Providing Legal Services, revised July 2016, see Purpose Statement 

Letters of Support for the Qualifications

Letter of Support 1

Letter of Support 2

Letter of Support 3

Letter of Support 4

Letter of Support 5

Letter of Support 6

There are numerous specialist pathways for studying law, and developing legal careers in different fields of law, to suit the needs of the individual and legal sector. You can find a selection of example pathways for different specialist legal practice areas by following this link