Other fees

Membership, Study, Exam and Exemption Fees

We have set out in these pages information on the current fees applicable to CILEx membership study, exam and exemptions .

Membership fees

There is a one-off registration fee of £40.00 for all individuals joining CILEx, this fee is in addition to the applicable membership subscription fee.  For example, an individual enrolling into Student membership would pay a £40.00 first time registration fee + Student Membership fee.  Visit the Membership Grades & Fees page for information on current fees.

Study fees

If you are studying for a CILEx qualification via a local accredited centre, each centre will set their own course fees which will be in addition to CILEx membership fees.  Please check with the appropriate centre for their fees for a specific CILEx course. There is a full list of all CILEx Accredited Centres available on this web site along with contact details.

Examination fees

All students sitting CILEx examinations will have to pay a fee to sit the examination.  These are in addition to the fees payable to study CILEx courses.  The full cost of fees for each module of each CILEx Level 3 or Level 6 examination can be found on our Exam Fee page.

Exemption fees

There are a range of qualifications which provide exemption from parts of CILEx courses for candidates who wish to study to become Chartered Legal Executive Lawyers (Fellows of the Institute). Some of these qualifications carry an exemption fee. More information on the various exemptions and course options available for individuals on all CILEx courses can be found on our Exemptions page.