L6 CE Reports 2018

Chief Examiners' Reports - Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice/Graduate 'Fast-Track' Diploma/Single Subject Certificate

It is recommended that the Chief Examiners' reports are reviewed alongside the relevant Suggested Answers.

 Chief Examiners' Reports
Chief Examiners' Reports & Suggested Answers   

January 2018

 June 2018
Unit 1 Company and Partnership Law  Unit 1   Company and Partnership Law
Unit 2 Contract Law  Unit 2   Contract Law 
Unit 3 Criminal Law    Unit 3   Criminal Law 
Unit 4 Employment Law  Unit 4  Employment Law 
Unit 5 Equity & Trusts  Unit 5   Equity & Trusts 
Unit 6 European Union Law  Unit 6  European Union Law 
Unit 7 Family Law  Unit 7   Family Law 
Unit 8 Immigration Law  Unit 8  Immigration Law 
Unit 9 Land Law  Unit 9  Land Law 
Unit 10   Landlord and Tenant Law  Unit 10     Landlord and Tenant Law 
Unit 12 Public Law  Unit 12   Public Law 
Unit 13 Law of Tort  Unit 13   Law of Tort 
Unit 14 Law of Wills and Succession  Unit 14   Law of Wills and Succession 
Unit 15 Civil Litigation  Unit 15   Civil Litigation  
Unit 16 The Practice of Company and Partnership Law           Unit 16   The Practice of Company and Partnership Law         
Unit 17 Conveyancing  Unit 17   Conveyancing  
Unit 18 Criminal Litigation  Unit 18   Criminal Litigation  
Unit 19 The Practice of Employment Law  Unit 19   The Practice of Employment Law  
Unit 20   The Practice of Family Law  Unit 20     The Practice of Family Law  
Unit 21 Probate Practice  Unit 21   Probate Practice