Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs Specialist Reference Group

For members at any stage of their career, who engage in changes in the regulatory landscape, and the implications they may have

Dear Regulatory Affairs specialist reference group members,

You may remember signing up to be part of CILEx’s virtual reference group on regulatory affairs. We’re sorry we haven’t been in touch more often, but we would like to change that.

Our Regulatory Affairs SRG is being re-launched as ‘Practice Management & Compliance’, and we hope that you are willing to stay engaged and offer your views on such important matters as legal services regulation, compliance, and good practice management in this new group.

To join the Practice Management & Compliance SRG, please email with your name and membership number (or date of birth).

Thank you for your contributions, and we look forward to hearing from you in the new Practice Management & Compliance SRG.

Best wishes,


Previous work 

CILEx continues to promote member views throughout the legal community.  

CILEx has engaged in previous work around regulatory affairs. Examples of our work can be found below.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this or other Specialist Reference Groups, then please contact us on or by calling 01234 845777.