APIL, FOIL and MASS join forces for mediation project

APIL, FOIL and MASS join forces for mediation project

1 June 2018

APIL, FOIL and MASS have collaborated to create a unique register for mediators in personal injury and clinical negligence claims. 

The three groups recognised that there is a shortage of places to find and appoint a mediator for injury cases specifically. They are now calling on mediators to join the AFM Register of Mediators ahead of its launch this summer. 

‘Mediation is a useful tool for practitioners and can be an effective way to resolve matters for injured people particularly when a case has additional sensitivities, such as when there is a relationship to salvage with an employer,’ explained APIL president Brett Dixon. ‘What we need is access to the right people to help,’ he said. 

Mediators who would like to be a part of the register or would like more information should contact APIL’s legal policy officer, Alice Taylor: alice.taylor@apil.org.uk or visit: afmregisterofmediators.org.uk (published 29 May 2018)