CILEx SRG Adviser Nominations

CILEx SRG Adviser - nominations open

Nominations are now open for CILEx Specialist Reference Group Advisers. Deadline is 13th September 2019.

What roles are open?

The following CILEx Adviser portfolios are currently open:

Civil Practitioners

- Money claims & debt recovery

- Employment Law

- Costs

Criminal Practitioners

- Defence
- Prosecution
- Duty Rota

Family Practitioners

- Divorce & separation
- Children
- Domestic abuse

Personal Injury

- Claimants
- Defendants
- Clinical negligence

Private Client

- Power of Attorney
- Personal finance

In a few weeks we will also be accepting Adviser nominations for our Wales, Disability, and LGBT+ SRGs.

What is a CILEx SRG Adviser?

A CILEx SRG Adviser is a voluntary role open to members of the relevant CILEx Specialist Reference Group (SRG). It will involve being contacted directly by CILEx when advice, guidance or views are sought on specific matters that the Institute identifies, and that falls within the SRG’s purview. This will also include practice advice based on the development and application of law within your area of specialism. 

Whilst contact will likely be on a ‘light touch’ basis, and predominantly done through email or phone, there will be occasions where you may be asked to attend a meeting or event in your capacity as a CILEx SRG Adviser. 

In addition, CILEx SRG Advisers can highlight issues to the institute that they believe should be the focus of upcoming content for the SRGs, such as developments taking place in policy or practice which could affect the SRG subject matter.

Please note that the role of CILEx SRG Adviser is as an annual appointment up to a maximum of 3 years. 

Role requirements 

1. High level of expertise relating to the SRG’s subject matter. 

- Is recognised as a subject matter expert, possessing a high level of technical knowledge which can be leveraged and applied to complex issues. 

- Able to demonstrate personal credibility within their field and a record of achievement. 

- Stays at the forefront; keeps abreast of changes in policy and practice, identifies future developments and can evaluate their impact on the profession. 

2. Able to provide impartial and unbiased advice and guidance. 

- Identifies and focuses on the real issues and persuades others to do the same, able to analyse data with confidence, identify information gaps and handle detail when considering proposals, issues or problems. 

- Maintains their independence and impartiality, takes an objective view when reviewing materials or proposals, and able to recognise and deal with conflicts of interest. 

- Able to offer creative ideas or perspectives confidently, concisely and clearly; tailoring to ensure complex information is understood, and defending their view in front of colleagues whilst remaining open to challenge. 

3. A diplomatic and considerate approach to their role. 

- Champions the profession; Builds and extends trusting, effective and sustainable working relationships; appreciating the needs and priorities of key strategic partners whilst able to challenge and test positively.

- Behave in a way that reinforces professional standards, the CILEx Code of Conduct and regulatory responsibilities; actively reinforcing the importance of ethical behaviour by acting as a role model in all interactions with others. 

- Committed to promoting equal opportunities for all, treating people fairly whilst responding sensitively to differences. 

How do I apply?

Simply complete a nomination form, and return it by the deadline of 13th September 2019.

Thank you for considering becoming a CILEx Adviser, and supporting your profession.