Getting Qualified

How to Qualify as a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer

How long will it take to complete the CILEx qualifications?

Timescales are flexible according to your personal and professional needs and the choice of full, part-time or distance learning can enable you to fit study around your personal and work life. On average, both parts of your academic qualification can be achieved within four years of part-time study.

If your prior qualifications do not mean that you are already exempt, the Level 3 Professional Diploma in Law and Practice can typically take two years to complete by part-time study. The Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law qualification is equivalent to honours degree level and is also typically studied part-time over a period of two years. Remember, you are likely to be working and studying at the same time, which means that you are earning a valuable salary income from the outset, thereby avoiding the hefty future debts incurred by full-time university law students.

If you already have a law degree it counts towards becoming a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer

The CILEx Graduate Fast-track Diploma is the qualification for law graduates who wish to complete the academic part of the legal executive qualification. Having your law degree means that you do not need to study any more law subjects. You just need to acquire the legal practice and professional skills elements of the qualification. To become a Chartered Legal Executive lawyer (practising Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives) you must also satisfy requirements for qualifying employment, see below. If you are already working as a paralegal, it is highly likely that your current employment will count towards your qualifying employment.

If you have already studied a Legal Practice Course (LPC) you are exempt from all academic study and can become a Graduate Member of CILEx on payment of the relevant fees.

Qualifying employment

In order to be admitted as a Fellow, Graduate members (i.e. members who have completed their academic training) currently must demonstrate that they have completed a total of 3 years qualifying employment. One of the three years must be completed in the Graduate membership grade and the two years immediately proceeding application must be consecutive.

More information on qualifying employment is available here.

Once you have been upgraded as a Graduate member or been admitted as a Fellow you will be invited to attend the CILEx Graduation and Admission ceremony. A short video from the 2017 ceremony can be found below.