Eligibility criteria for the CILEX Graduation and Admission Ceremony 2021

In order to attend the CILEX Graduation and Admission Ceremony 2021 you must be an active member, in an eligible membership grade, which you can find listed below.

Eligible grades of membership:

- CILEX Graduate
- CILEX Fellow
- CILEX Advocate
- CILEX Practitioner
- CILEX Practitioner & Graduate
- CILEX Practitioner & Fellow

In addition to being in one of the above grades of membership, you must also:

- Be up-to-date with your CPD record for the current 2020/2021 year*

- Have no declared prior conduct issues that are currently being investigated by CILEx Regulation

*Please note that if you are in a non-practising grade or have been on maternity/paternity leave for more than 6 months of the CPD year (1 October 2020 - 30 September 2021), then you are not required to complete CPD. 

CILEX will carry out eligibility checks periodically in the lead up to the 2021 ceremonies. Should you not meet the eligibility criteria at any point, you will be contacted and may not be permitted to attend the event. 

If you are unsure that you meet the eligibility criteria to attend the CILEX Graduation and Admission Ceremony, please email graduation@cilex.org.uk.