What is the dress code?

The dress code for the event is semi-formal/business attire for you and your guests.

Are children allowed at the event?

Yes, of course.  Children over the age of 5 will require a guest ticket. Children under the age of 5 do not require a guest ticket but will need to sit on the lap of a parent/guardian during the ceremony.

There are buggy parking facilities available within the venue - please note that all buggies are left at your own risk and no buggies are allowed within the ceremony hall itself.

Will refreshments be provided?

Coffee, tea and water will be available prior to each ceremony commencing.

If you have purchased ceremony + drinks reception tickets, then you and your guests will be given a drinks token which can be redeemed for a glass of Prosecco (a soft drink alternative is available) at the post-ceremony drinks reception taking place in the Lecture Hall + Library. 

Please note that if you have booked ceremony only tickets, you will not be permitted at the post-ceremony drinks reception.

What time should I get to the venue to register?

Please arrive no earlier than 9:00am for the 11:00am ceremony and no earlier than 2:00pm for the 4:00pm ceremony.

My guests will be arriving at a different time to me, what should they do?

If your guests are due to arrive at the venue either before or after you, they simply need to go to the registration desk and state that they are guests of yours. We can then sign them in and provide them with their drinks tokens (if applicable), and then they are free to wait in the reception area where tea and coffee will be provided or head into the ceremony hall to find available seats.

I'm running late! What do I do?

If you're running late on the day, please notify us straight away by emailing graduation@cilex.org.uk.

Get to the venue when you can and come straight to the registration desk. We can sign you and your guests in and they can head straight into the ceremony hall balcony to find available seats. You can head straight down for gowning and if there is no time, we can arrange for your photographs to be taken after the ceremony. Once you have your gown on, head straight to the ceremony hall where a member of CILEX staff can help you find your seat. 

If the ceremony has already started, we do ask that you and your guests are courteous of others around you when entering the ceremony hall.

Eligibility criteria

My current grade of membership is not listed in the eligible grades of membership. Can I still attend graduation?

If your grade of membership is not one of those listed, you are not eligible to attend graduation. If you are unsure whether or not you are eligible and wish to check your membership status, please contact our customer service team.

I am currently on maternity leave. Am I still eligible to attend?

Yes. If you are on maternity/paternity leave, you are still eligible to attend graduation and you are more than welcome to bring any children with you to the event. Any children under the age of 5 will need to supervised by a parent/guardian and will be required to sit a parent/guardian's lap during the ceremony.

I am currently a CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegal, but am hoping to qualify as a CILEX Fellow before graduation, what should I book my tickets as?

You are only eligible to book tickets for the grade that you are currently in. Therefore we would advise that you book your tickets as a CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegal and if you do get upgraded to a CILEX Fellow before the ceremony is due to take place, please email us at graduation@cilex.org.uk and we can look at amending your gown booking for you.

If you have already graduated as a Graduate member before and only wish to attend as a Fellow, then you will be required to wait until you have achieved Fellow status before booking your tickets.

Please note that if you are not upgraded before Monday 3 October, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the correct gown to graduate in. Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available for your chosen ceremony. 

I am awaiting my exam results and if I pass and become a CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegal, am I eligible to attend?

Yes, if you achieve CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegal status after passing your exams, you will be eligible to attend graduation.

Please note that tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and we cannot guarantee that tickets will be available for your chosen ceremony.

If you do not pass your exams, and do not receive CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegal member status, you will not be eligible to attend.

I qualified a long time ago but never came to graduation, am I still eligible to attend?

Yes, of course. We welcome any of our members to graduate, no matter how long ago you may have become eligible to do so. 

I have retired and am no longer working. Can I still graduate?

Yes, of course. As long as you have an active membership with CILEX and are in one of the listed eligible grades, you can attend graduation.

I haven't completed my CPD for the 2021/2022 year. Am I still eligible to attend?

From the 1st of October 2022, any member who has not met their CPD requirements for the 2021/2022 CPD year, will not be eligible to graduate. 

I have cross-qualified, but wish to celebrate my achievements with CILEX. Am I still able to do so?

Of course. As long as you are a current member of CILEX and if you have qualified to become a CILEX Graduate, CILEX Fellow or CILEX Practitioner, you are eligible to celebrate those achievements with us.

Please note that in the ceremony, you will be allocated your gown based on your CILEX membership status.

Booking tickets

How do I book tickets?

When booking your tickets, you need to make sure you select the correct option depending on who you are booking for.

The first screen you will come to is a 'Who will be attending this event?' screen. 

If you are booking for just yourself, please select 'I am booking for myself only'.

If you are booking for yourself and your guests, please select 'I am booking on behalf of myself and other people'.

If you have already booked yourself on, and just need to add on more guests, please select 'I am booking on behalf of other people'. 

I need to add more guest tickets, how do I do this?

If you have already booked yourself on, and just need to add on more guests, please select 'I am booking on behalf of other people'. 

I have booked my guests on but don't think I have booked myself on, how do I do this?

If you need to book yourself onto the event, simply click book now and then select 'I am booking for myself only'.

The system is saying I've already booked on, but I haven't. What do I do?

If you started an application and quite mid-way through completion, then the system may take a few hours to recognise your cancelled application. Allow a few hours to pass and try booking again. If you are still having issues, please contact graduation@cilex.org.uk

Gown hire

How do I hire a gown?

You can arrange gown hire and photography packages all through our trusted ceremony partner, Ede & Ravenscroft. Please click here to begin the process.

You will need to enter 'Chartered Institute of Legal Executives' as your institution name, then click continue. You will then need to select the correct ceremony time that you have registered your place at (either 11:00am or 4:00pm), then click continue. Finally, you will need to select the correct grade of membership applicable to you (this helps us assign the correct colour gown for you to graduate in), then click submit. If you enter any incorrect details, you are able to refresh the page and begin the process again.

Once you have entered in all the correct information, you will then be able to hire your gown and view the options for photography. 

For gowning, you will need to know your height and chest size for the gown itself. You will also need to know your head/hat size for your cap. You will then need to add the order to your bag and can proceed to checkout. You will need to create an account through Ede & Ravenscroft to make the payment. 

How much is it to hire a gown?

It is £32 to hire your cap and gown.

Do I have to hire a gown?

Yes, all graduating members are required to hire a cap and gown through Ede & Ravenscroft.

What colour will my gown be?

The colour of your gown will be determined by your membership grade.

CILEX Member - Advanced Paralegals/Practitioners will graduate in dark blue gowns with dark blue caps.

CILEX Fellow members/Practitioners will graduate in dark red gowns with black caps.

CILEX Advocates will graduate in dark green gowns with dark green caps.

Venue details & how to get there

Is there parking available?

There are several public carparks located nearby in:

- Abingdon Street
- Horseferry Road
- Rochester Row
- Semley Place

There is also public parking adjacent to the building, on Tothill Street and Matthew Parker Street.

If you have an EV or hybrid car, check out this handy tool to find out the nearest electric vehicle charging points.

Where is the nearest tube station to the venue?

The two closest tube stations to the venue are St James's Park (a 4 minute walk for Circle and District lines) and Westminster (a 5 minute walk for Circle, District and Jubilee lines).

I have/one of my guests has accessibility requirements. What does the venue have in place?

We have ensured that if you or your guests have accessibility requirements, you will still be able to fully access the building and the event. There is step-free access to the building as well as two passenger lifts providing access to all floors. There will be step free access to the stage for any graduates to use and there is also a designated area in the ceremony hall for wheelchair users. Accessible toilets are also located throughout the building. You can view the venue's full accessibility features here.

If you or your guests have any accessibility requirements, please ensure that you include these details in your booking form so that we can make sure all requirements are accommodated for.


What are the guidelines for this event?

We ask all graduates and their guests adhere to and follow the measures which are in place to help keep everyone as safe as possible at the venue.

Whilst circumstances may change between now and the ceremony date, under the current guidelines Central Hall Westminster's COVID-19 policy states that all visitors must socially distance where possible, and face masks are optional. Hand sanitiser will be available at multiple points throughout the building and its use will be strongly advised.

Throughout the building, social distancing is advised. In the Central Hall, where the ceremony will take place, guests are advised to socially distance themselves from other guests as much as possible, allowing for seats between parties where possible. 

You can view any additional measures that the venue are putting in place to keep visitors safe here.