Benevolent Fund

CILEx Benevolent Fund

The CILEx Benevolent Fund (“The Fund”) is a registered charity under The Charities Act, 1960. No. 295527.

The Fund’s vision is to provide access to relevant guidance, information and support to CILEx members in England and Wales, who find themselves in an unavoidable financial hardship.

Who Donates to the Fund?

The Fund relies on donations from CILEx members and branches as well as other public bodies. As a result, the total amount contained in the Fund can vary and is limited. Applicants should keep this in mind when applying to the Fund, which should be viewed as a ‘last resort’.

"I wanted to thank The Fund for all the support and assistance given to me during this very difficult time of my life. You have really helped to relieve some of the financial burden for a while."

Who Are the Trustees?

The Trustees of The Fund are:

Paul Clark, Lay Trustee 
Simon Wells, Lay Trustee (Chairperson)

Linda Ford (CILEx CEO)

All decisions regarding applications to the Fund are entirely at the Trustees’ discretion.

What Type of Assistance Does the Fund Provide?


The Fund can provide a range of assistance, for example, to provide financial help to cover unexpected or unusual bills, utility bills or the purchase of something to help ease a disability. The Trustees can also provide guidance on State benefits and other resources available for those who need financial advice such as debt consolidation. In cases where financial funding is granted, the amount will normally be a small one-off payment. When considering whether financial assistance can be given, the Fund’s Trustees expect applicants to have availed themselves of any State benefits to which they may be entitled. The Trustees will normally draw attention to such benefits if this does not seem to have been done.

"The Fund recently made a very generous donation towards the cost of converting my bathroom. I would like to thank you for your generosity. I suffer from cerebral palsy and have been having trouble climbing into the bath. I now have a level access shower which has already made a big difference to my life. Without your donation it would not have been possible."

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply to the Fund, applicants must be a current or former member of CILEx or a dependant of a current or former member of CILEx. Applicants must also have been a member of CILEx for a minimum of one year before applying.

The Trustees are not able to consider applications for assistance with membership fees; student course fees; the costs of joining CILEx; discharge of outstanding judgements; HMRC tax bills; IVA's or bankruptcy.

Benefits and other Government Help

We have produced a page of useful links which will provide a wealth of information on government and financial assistance programmes.

How Do I Apply?

Before completing the application form, applicants are asked to review the Guide. All applicants must complete a CILExBenevolent Fund Application.

How Can I Help?

The Fund can claim back tax on your donation so your gift of £10.00 will become £12.80. Please remember that people who apply for help from the Fund often do so reluctantly but are always relieved and grateful that their requests are granted.