Paralegal Enquiry launched

Paralegal Enquiry launched

27 June 2014

Stephen Gowland

The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) launched its enquiry into the future of paralegals last night at an event held at DWF’s offices in London.

The Paralegal Enquiry, which will begin with a number of targeted focus groups this autumn, will answer whether paralegals can meet the market needs of the future.

In his speech at the event Stephen Gowland, CILEx president said: "The ambition of the Enquiry is to enable CILEx to deliver knowledge, skills and professionalism in a way that doesn’t date, a way that can meet the fast changing requirements of a sector increasingly technology-led, yet still knowledge and skills-led and people focussed, and in a way that will be appropriate for every type of legal business, that businesses and individuals will have trust in."

He continued: "CILEx uniquely offers qualifications, regulation and progression through membership. I'd like to say to employers: you have a responsibility to your paralegal workforce to give opportunity and progression."

Speaking at the event, ILEX Professional Standard’s chair Alan Kershaw said: "There does need to be clarity about the roles professionals perform and the competence of each professional to do the work they claim to be able to do."

Alan added: "The ‘shaking out of roles’ is a natural progression in the market and the world is changing quite rapidly. We want to raise the status of paralegals."

Diane Burleigh OBE, CILEx’s chief executive said: "The onus is on businesses to make employees feel valued. The structure of the profession is changing; students and young people need to know what their choices will be."

Attendees at the launch event included education providers, law firms, legal regulators, professional bodies, Skills for Law, Ministry of Justice and the Judicial Office.

The Paralegal Enquiry is anticipated to deliver a holistic view of the future market context (regulated and unregulated) for legal services delivery from 2020. CILEx will commission research which will be scoped and defined through a series of focus groups and roundtable discussions and will consider the characteristics of the legal workforce and employer attitudes towards the use of paralegals in future. Photo: Stephen Gowland, CILEx President

Anyone interested in taking part in the Paralegal Enquiry can register their interest by emailing:


To watch Stephen Gowland's speech in full, click the image below:

Stephen Gowland

Photo: Stephen Gowland, CILEx President